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Karrington Woods

Neighborhood Activities

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Neighborhood Watch
Annual Fall Dinner
Each Fall, our families come together for a meal in one of our coves. Chili, Chips, and Cheesecake is a favorite! Types of food and drinks to bring are usually assigned to each household by the first letter of their last name. Please bring lawn chairs, too!
Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale
Each Spring, we have our annual neighborhood yard sale.  Those who wish to participate contribute a small fee for a newspaper ad and host their own yard sale all on the same Saturday morning.
Annual Meeting
Early each Spring, our residents meet to elect officers, discuss neighborhood matters, and determine subsequent courses of action.
Meetings are usually held at nearby restaurants, to which the following we are thankful for having hosted us in previous years: 2008 - Newk's Express Cafe 901-377-8796(2200 N. Germantown Parkway) 2007 - Fox Ridge Pizza 901-758-6500(1769 N. Germantown Parkway) 2006 - Huffman's Deli (now closed)
Neighborhood Beautification, Maintenance, & Upkeep
The most significant portion of our collected annual dues funds the activities necessary for the physical appearance of our neighborhood (fence, lighting, landscaping, lawn care, and holiday decorations). On some of these tasks, residents have volunteered their time and effort to work together. Thanks to all who have contributed!
The neighborhood of Karrington Woods is located in Cordova, TN, approximately 1 & 1/2 miles south of Interstate 40 Exit #16, and 1/3 mile west of Germantown Parkway on the north side of Dexter Road.