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Karrington Woods

Neighborhood Watch

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Neighborhood Watch
Besides notifying the homeowner and police, residents are encouraged to send an email to anytime that illegal or suspicious activity has been observed.  This information will then be distributed to all of the residents in the neighborhood via email addresses, or other means of contact, as provided by the resident in the neighborhood directory.
Memphis City Police Department's Northeast Precinct has suggested that photographs/video of the suspicious persons or activity be taken if possible, and that such evidence can and will be used in court to convict the accused should such action be taken.
Please check out the following websites for recommendations on how to decrease the likelihood of burglary:
The neighborhood of Karrington Woods is located in Cordova, TN, approximately 1 & 1/2 miles south of Interstate 40 Exit #16, and 1/3 mile west of Germantown Parkway on the north side of Dexter Road.